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The Boutique

The Dolls House Boutique is located in the Northern Quarter in the centre of Manchester. Our unique concept store offers beautiful ladies wear designed and made in store, plus a bespoke design service to help you get ' The' statement outfit you are looking for.

We are the original designers of the Lanna Cami Fringe jumpsuit which can be found on @thedollshousefashion Instagram since February 2016. We designed the jumpsuit in September 2015 and had fabric made specifically for this style. We have invoices for this fabric dating back to September 2015. The Lanna Cami Fringe Jumpsuit was officially launched in February 2016 and was added to this website, available for customers to order.

We were originally asked to make the jumpsuit for Rihanna for the VMA's in August 2016, several months after we had launched the design and had many fashion bloggers wear it such as Sydney Fashion Blogger. We have proof that we sent our jumpsuit to Rihanna's stylist's office via DHL.

The jumpsuit has very strong design elements which is signature to our design handwriting. The other dress maker in question has no similar garments before or after apart from one jumpsuits which looks to be constructed in a different way.

We are approached by celebrities and stylists for our unique designs and professionalism and we would never copy other peoples work as it is against our work ethics. We have also not been in receipt of any legal letters from the person in question or any other organisation.

Please refer to @thedollshousefashion Instagram timeline for clarification.

FOR ANY ENQUIRIES PLEASE CONTACT US BY EMAILING US ON info@thedollshousefashion.com OR CALL 07513887030